Privacy Policy

The Online Privacy Policy was developed to reaffirm our commitment to the information we collect from users on This policy covers the treatment that the gives data to identify a user; whether the data is collected directly on the website from other means of collection, such as customer service or phone calls.

The contains links to other websites. We therefore recommend that, when redirected to external pages, you consult the third party privacy policies before sending your personal data.

This Privacy Policy will be subject to modifications. Therefore, a periodic review is recommended.

We ask for your personal information to be able to book a transfer for you, and make sure you enjoy the best possible service. In addition, we can use it to get in touch with you, or to send you our latest offers and special promotions. Although these are the main reasons why we collect your personal data, there are other reasons.

The following considerations must be taken into account:

  1. collects personal information capable of identifying its users when:

– They register or make a booking on our website;

– Participate in our promotions or contests;

– When a user gets in contact with us through our customer service channels.

We may automatically save some data when you visit one of our platforms. Among this data can be your IP address, what pages you have visited, what browser you are using and information on what elements you click on the page. It can also include data about your computer’s operating system, the version of the application, the language used, specific configuration of the device and features, as well as data that identifies it.

We may obtain personal data from social networks, partners , our transport operators, or other third parties. For example:

We work with affiliate partners that offer our services on other platforms. When making a booking on one of the platforms of our partners they will send us the information related with your booking.

It is possible that the transport operators that provide the services you book through our platforms need to send us information about you, for example claims, satisfaction reviews, insurance claims, etc.

We may combine this information with the data about you we already have in order to offer you a better service, related offers and for online marketing campaigns.

  1. The user who decides to enter their personal data on our portal declares to know and accept our Privacy Policy.

All collected user information is secured trough encrypted internet protocol. All the personal data collected is incorporated into the database.

  1. uses the information collected for the following general purposes:

– Reservations: we use your personal data to make and manage your reservations, and to send the necessary data to the transport operator that provides the transfer service(or other products or services).

– Inform about new products of the company;

– Updating user registries;

– Optimize usability of our website;

– Respond to the doubts and requests of our users;

– Carry out communication and marketing campaigns;

– Communicate with our users;

– Customer opinions: We may use your information to send you a small questionnaire about your reservation. This practice helps us to better understand our clients and improve our service.

– User accounts: On our platforms it is possible to create user accounts. This entails providing personal data. You can manage your reservations or other transactions, enjoy special offers and manage your personal preferences and settings.

Access to the information collected is restricted to the employees and authorized third parties and service providers of Those who use this information inappropriately, in violation of our Privacy Policy, will be subject to legal actions from part of

  1. Third parties we share your personal data with and why do we do it.

There are a certain number of companies involved in the services we provide, we may share your personal data with them in order to provide the service booked. However, we will also share your data with other third parties, among which may be payment service providers, advertising partners or, in some cases, the corresponding authorities.

TRANSFER OPERATORS: In order to process bookings your information will be transfered to our transport operators and their collaborators. We will provide only the necessary information to process your booking and never payment details or other sensible information. Some of this information may contain and not limited to: lead’s passenger name, arrival time and date, flight number, destination of your transfer, phone number, email, extra services booked, and any other information supplyed by you as client that is needed to perfectly process your booking.

By booking a transfer outside the European Economic Area, your booking data will be shared with our transport operator in the Country to which you travel.

ASSOCIATES AND AFFILIATES: We work with multiple associated companies around the world. Some of our partners offer or advertise our products. By making a reservation on one of these platforms, they will send us some of the personal information you have provided them and we may send some of the personal information related to your reservation to our partners.

COMPETENT AUTHORITIES: We may share your personal information with the government or investigating authorities if required by law. Some examples would be court orders or subpoenas, or other orders derived from legal proceedings or criminal investigations. In addition, we may need to provide personal information to the competent authorities in order to protect our rights or property, or those of our associates, partners and transport operators.

THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS: We may use third-party services to process your personal data. For example and not limited to: we may use third-party services in our customer service department, or to send your reservation information to the transport operator, or to manage certain aspects of our website and marketing activities. These third parties are not authorized to use your personal data for any other purpose. The e-mail marketing services are carried out by a third party company, which uses its own servers to send it. The contracted company will not use the registered e-mails from our database under any circumstances for purposes other than those of sending email messages related to our services.

PAYMENT PROCESSING: We also work with third party service providers in order to manage payment. If you request a refund, we may need to share certain reservation information with the payment service provider and the corresponding financial entity. Such data may include a copy of the confirmation of your reservation or the IP address used when you made the booking. In order to avoid fraud we  may share personal data with financial institutions when required.

  1. Control over your data

Unless judicially determined, the user’s information registered on MyTransfers platforms will never be used for any other purposes not specified in these agreement, nor will be transferred to third parties that are not authorized partners or companies.

The user guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the personal data provided. MyTransfers will not be liable in case of insertion of false or inaccurate data.

The user may, at any time, amend or cancel its personal data by sending an email to

For security reasons, certain changes in the registry, including the data referring to the personal user profile, can only be made by identifying through personal email and password.

It is the user’s responsibility to store in a secure place his password and any other access data. The use of obvious passwords, such as special dates, names or number sequences are not adequate. If the user knew or suspects that his password was compromised, he must modify it on his account page immediately.

You may, at any time, exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification or cancellation recognized in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the 27th of April of 2016.

  1. also sends, receives and stores cookies.

A cookie is a small amount of information which usually includes a unique anonymous identifier. Some web pages are sent to your browser so that they are stored on the computer’s hard drive, allowing us to identify you when you access them again. Please read our cookie statement.